Frisky Frog’s Nashville: Fake Reviews

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While researching our previous story about Frisky Frog’s Nashville, where they incorrectly assumed the gender identity of a patron and followed them into the restroom, we received a list of employees as part of our standard confirmation research. What we also noticed that many of these names looked familiar – they appeared as ‘guest reviews’ on both Yelp (and the hidden ones) & Facebook.

Let’s take a look at some of the employees & associated people that left stellar reviews for Frisky Frog’s Nashville:

As you can see, Jungle R. is a bartender at Frisky Frog’s Nashville, and wrote a very specific review of his co-workers, made it seem as if he was just a customer:

Shelly lists her job as Bartender/Server at Frisky Frog’s Nashville, and left a 5-Star Review:

Kait Straiter is also a bartender at Frisky Frog Nashville – and yet another 5-Star Review

Remember the person that owned the domain name for the bar? He even wrote a review for the business, without listing any affiliation:

There are hundreds of reviews online about Frisky Frog’s Nashville – many of which were left by current and former employees.



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