ARRESTED: Chiketa Majors Keys ‘CHEATER’ into Baby Daddy’s Vehicle

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Early Wednesday morning, Chiketa Majors was arrested and booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department with a charge of ‘Vandalism- $1,000 or less (39-14-408*8)’. Majors admits to overhearing the father of her baby talking on the phone, and believe he was talking about her, so she exited the building they were at together, and using a key, etched the word ‘CHEATER’ onto the right side of his vehicle.

On 08/16/2017 Officers responded to 2511 Lebanon Pke in response to a domestic disturbance. Call text indicated the defendant had keyed her childs fathers’ vehicle. Upon arrival officers spoke with the defendant who openly admitted to keying the victims vehicle. The defendant stated she overheard the victim talking on the phone and believed him to be talking about her, which she stated upset her, causing her to exit the establishment they were at, and key his vehicle. Officers observed the victims vehicle which had the word “cheater” etched into the right side. Photographs of the damage were photographed.

Majors will appear in court on 08/21/17, and was released under the pre-trial program just before 5AM on Wednesday.

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