FAKE DRUGS ARREST: Clayton Phifer Sold Fake Acid(LSD) Tabs & Soap Scrapings as Cocaine

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In what seems like a flood of arrests for fake drugs recently, Clayton Phifer was arrested on Thursday and charged with multiple counts of ‘SELL, DELIVER, OR DISTRIBUTE COUNTERFEIT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES (T.C.A. 39-17-423)’, among other charges and multiple outstanding warrants from at least 3 other counties. Phifer admitted to selling both fake acid(LSD) and fake cocaine, which he was producing from soap shavings. Anyone defrauded by the fake cocaine or acid should contact the MNPD for a refund.

Phifer’s bond was set at $15,000 – however outstanding warrants from multiple other counties prevent release. He has been recently arrested for theft and domestic violence, among other charges in Wilson, Robertson, and Smith counties in TN. He will appear in court for review on 8/21/2017 in Nashville.

On 8/17/17 around 19:51 Officers were advised of a subject with outstanding warrants. Officers conducted a lawful terry stop and the defendant gave a false name of Clayton Ambrose , (victim). He was found to have three outstanding warrants in other counties. The warrants were verified and he was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and outstanding warrant that will be extradited.

When officers got the Defendant down to booking the Defendant was asked if he had any drugs on him that was missed by officers during the pat down so he does not catch an extra charge if it is found in booking. He stated that he dumped foil packets that were fake acid. He further stated he had soap scrapings in a baggie that he sells as fake cocaine. At this time Officers mirandized the Defendant. It was nine tabs of fake acid that were field tested as negative. There was also 6.6 grams of counterfeit cocaine that came back negative when field tested.




Clayton Phifer
Date of Birth: 2/15/1998 – OCA Number: 567772
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All available cases for Clayton Phifer
Case Number Arrest Date Case Status Fees Owed Disposition Disposition Date
GS824645 08/18/2017 OPEN Case Details
GS824646 08/18/2017 OPEN Case Details
GS824647 08/18/2017 OPEN Case Details

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