Frank Trew: The Untold Story of Suicide, Divorce, $150,000, & a 26 year-old lover.

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The Nashville community lost Frank Trew to suicide on Tuesday 08/15. Many, including Mayor Berry, described him as a “dedicated public servant who volunteered his time and energy towards the betterment of his neighbors and community”; however there was a darker side to Frank that only a few knew, and more to his death that is being reported on the news, but it was witnessed by the neighbors, and recorded in court documents. It’s the ‘untold’ story of a 55 year-old Frank Trew, who began to cheat on his 51 year-old husband/partner of 23 years (Michael Moss) with a 26 year old man(Joel Michael Welch) he met a mere 8 months prior, in January of 2017.

According to two witnesses (elderly neighbors), Frank Trew committed suicide on 08/15, reportedly in the front yard of his home, during a “extremely heated” argument with his husband, Michael Moss, who just filed for divorce. The witnesses are absolutely traumatized, and say during the argument he raised the gun to his head/mouth and pulled the trigger. Frank Trew and his Husband, Michael Moss, had a court date scheduled for a portion of their divorce hearing a few days prior, on 08/10 – however according to court records, there was a 9:00 AM Contempt Notice, meaning one or more parties were not present. Moss filed for divorce because Frank was, admittedly, cheating on  him.

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Not only was he cheating, but according to court documents, he was blowing through the couple’s money faster than it could come in.Hotels, trips, bars, restaurants, vacations, gifts, getaways – all coming from the joint accounts of Frank & Michael, benefiting Frank & Joel.

Franks husband, Michael, filed for divorce on July 10th, citing irreconcilable differences & inappropriate marital conduct. In the divorce filings, Michael Moss states that he “recently learned that spouse has been having an affair with a much younger man names Joel Michael Welch, and has been using credit cards to spend significant marital assets of gifts, trips, hotels, restaurants, and other expensive items for his paramour (Joel Michael Welch)”. Moss even states he heard Frank talking on the phone with Joel Michael Welch about when he could move into the marital residence.

For the past few months, Frank has stopped paying the mortgage on their home (approx $1700/mo) – stating he doesn’t have the funds to do so – though according to his husband, Michael Moss, Frank has plenty of money to spend on himself and his new paramour, Joel Michael Welch. Moss filed a petition with the court, to sell the marital home on July 23rd.

According to the filings, Frank admitted to the affair, but refused to end it. According to Moss, Frank was suddenly claiming an much lower monthly income, even though he continued to spend significant amounts on credit cards, and now has “large amounts” of debt on at “least five different credit cards” that Moss knows about – all used for hotels, gifts, trips, restaurants, etc.. for Joel Michael Welch.

Moss was asking for a lot in the divorce, specifically to be granted enough money to continue to live on, as he is disabled and unable to work, and Frank was always the primary breadwinner in the family. Weeks prior to the divorce filing by Moss, Frank stopped depositing his paycheck into the joint account, and removed Moss from one of the primary used credit card accounts.

in 2014 Michael Moss received a $150,000.00 settlement, of which the entire amount was deposited into their joint account, however Moss states that most of that money is now gone. After Moss learned of the affair, and that he was taken off a joint credit card, he took $3,500 remaining from their joint account, and moved it to a private account, to have day to day funds. Frank got extremely upset about this, and Moss returned $1,600 back to the joint account on the understanding he would be added back to the joint credit card account, but Frank refused to do so, even after the $1,600 was returned.

Moss went out of town to help his father, and during this time, Frank had Joel Michael Welch to their marital home to stay when him during Moss’s absence.  Moss asked for permanent alimony in the divorce filing, due to being disable, unemployed, and without regular income.

According to Frank Trew, Moss is able to work, is not disabled so much that he can’t be gainfully employed. Frank also states in a response to the support request, that the hotel charges were incurred because he felt unsafe at home. Frank reports that Moss would consume excessive amounts of alcohol and become belligerent and irrational. On Tuesday, August 1st, Frank came home to find Moss drunk, according to a filing, and Moss told Frank that if he turned on the air conditioner he would “cut all the wires”.

Frank agrees the they are in dire financial circumstance, but attributes the problems to Moss spending $12,000 to purchase a 2015 Ford Mustang, one week before filing for divorce. Moss also sold two other vehicles, making a $10,000 profit, according to Frank, and deposited that money into his private account, with the previous $3500 (minus the $1600 he returned to the joint account). In less than one month, Moss spent nearly $25,000, according to Frank Trew.

That brings us to the request for an ex-parte restraining order be issued to restrain and enjoin Frank Trew from:

  • Continuing to spend marital assets and funds on Joel Michael Welch, or any other person with whom he is romantically or sexually involved.
  • Bringing Joel Michael Welch, or any other person with whom he is romantically or sexually involved, to their jointly-owned marital home
  • Continuing to use credit cards established during the marriage for any non-routine expenses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and gifts for his paramour, Joel Michael Welch, or any other person with whom he is romantically or sexually involved.

The hearing for this restraining order (image is below, after the initial divorce filings), was  scheduled to happen on Thursday, 08/10, however the court records show a 9AM ‘contempt’ entry – indicating one or more parties was not present.


Here are the court documents related to this case:


NEW: Frank Trew: Another $87,000 Debt – How It Happened.


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32 Thoughts to “Frank Trew: The Untold Story of Suicide, Divorce, $150,000, & a 26 year-old lover.”

  1. Sparkle

    You have published a one-sided,slanted,poorly written (and edited)article about Mr. Trew. Your attempt at “reporting” about this tragic event isn’t fit to line a bird cage. It is feeding on the carcass of the dead and potentially slanderous. It smacks of cronyism. This “article” reads like an opinion rather than factual, balanced news. Ask your “source” about his “drug addiction” and rampant harassment of his spouse. How he drives his vehicle while high on oxy through neighborhoods populated with schoolchildren. You might also read up on your TN divorce laws. It is no fault, equal division of assets gained throughout the marriage. The question needs to be asked: who stood to gain the most from Mr. Trew’s death? Perhaps his spouse?

  2. April P.

    This is a grotesque invasion of privacy. I recognize that these might be public documents, but sharing this story and putting them on display for all to gawk at is outrageously absurd. “News” at its worst. Shameful.

  3. missem

    disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself. Who ever wrote this. Yes I read it but this did not need to be told in this much detail…

  4. Michael

    How in the world do you call yourself news and slander people over a divorce. He’s not even buried yet and you have chosen to ruin his reputation and cast a dark shadow on his life long work for the Nashville community. You’ve added the mayor into this so that it can be a key word to get this story out. No one even knows what east Nashville news is. And if I were the victim of this article I would be speaking to a lawyer about slander and defamation. What a tacky piece of shit “news” outlet you are. And I love how there’s no author taking credit for this tragic pile of reckless words. This article wasn’t meant to do anything but desecrate the memory of a community leader and condem an innocent, implying that he was with Frank for money. The bank accounts arent depleted I assure you, cheating is always wrong but at least the man informed Michael and the divorce started. I’m sure Michael played a big role in this article and that’s the saddest part of it all.

    1. Anon

      You aren’t helping by pointing blame at people when you have no clue about any of this. You don’t know anything about the situation other than the sketchy at best information in the article above. Spreading rumors about their financial situation and involvement in this article is as morally disgusting as the article itself.

    2. Michael Moss

      I played no part in this article you piece of shit. You know nothing about me so butt the fuck out asshole.

    3. Michael

      I played no part in this article. Who the hell do think you are? You arrogant shit. Butt the hell out and get a life.

    4. Michael

      I played no role at all in this article idiot! I loved Frank very much for 23 years. You know nothing about what happened other than reading what some piece of shit wrote. Find something meaning to do with your time and fuck off.

      1. Dee

        I will just say that the role you played was when you allowed your attorney to file trash like this as a divorce complaint. All of those specific allegations and the naming of his boyfriend wasn’t required but you allowed it to happen anyway.

  5. JSM

    I think this is abhorable to publish after a man’s death? Was he “prefect”, of course not. But I do not think anyone deserves this in death, especially this soon after his death–unable to defend himself. Shame on you.

  6. Noel Napolitano

    This article is not news. Its a desperate invasion of this couple’s private marital struggles, slander of the dead and pure filth. You have lost a reader forever.

    1. Anon

      Implying you were a consistent reader in the first place, which can’t be true because you seem surprised at the type of content published by this site.

  7. Lance

    This is an example of East Nashville News?
    This is tabloid crap and beneath community respect.
    Who ever wrote this has a hidden agenda,
    Unqualified and should be fired. I have no respect East
    Nashville News other than the bottom of a

  8. Laurie

    I had never heard of East Nashville News until today and certainly will never spend a penny of my money to support it if this is the type of “news” it reports. This article is nothing but trash talk equivalent to the Enquirer. There is absolutely nothing to gain for anyone to report such personal information on anyone. No one deserves this kind of treatment. Shame on you.

  9. […] leading to the admitted ‘dire financial circumstance” that Frank Trew referenced in divorce proceedings in the weeks preceding his suicide on 08/15. In addition to spending a $150,000 settlement in 3 years as a couple, and Frank nearly maxing out […]

  10. Donelson

    This is the same resource that has been slandering the Nashville Fire Dept for the past couple years. This fake news has went as far as getting in to Fire Dept personals private Facebook accounts and posting it to this b.s. news. It has caused firemen chiefs and Ems workers to be reprimanded for their opinions. East Nashville news is garbage and who ever reports this shit is a coward due to the fact the person stays hidden behind a keyboard. This is sad what has happened to Frank and everyone close to him. EASTNASHVILLE BULLSHIT NEWS WHO ARE YOU. CLAIM YOUR WORK DONT KEEP HIDING BEHIND A KEYBOARD

  11. Karen Cowell

    We ALL have dirty laundry. My hope is that upon your death, people will have much more respect for you, a gossip monger that would sell ads by dragging outstanding citizens through the mud, than you had for Mr. Trew. I will go through this entire publication and personally call every one of your advertisers and tell them this Hip D member is done with them if they EVER advertise with you again!

  12. Mayor Barry, why don’t you be a respectful and honorable Mayor and treat all the same.

  13. Michael Moss

    Whatever scum wrote this I will find out who you are. What the hell is wrong with you to write such a slanderous piece of crap? You knew nothing of our relationship. Nothing about me or Frank. There was no violence ever. There was no oxi abuse while driving through neighbohoods. You know nothing about any money spent. You just did this to be cruel. When I do find you, get ready for a lawsuit. Scumbag!

    1. Dee

      The divorce pleadings contain info that YOU provided to a lawyer. Did you not know they were public documents once filed?

    2. ENN Staff

      Michael – we only reported what are in the public, legal documents. We have included them for easy access, so that we prevent any ‘slander’ complaints. Truth is an absolute defense to slander, in case you didn’t know. and we reported on what was in the legal documents. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not there in black and white.

  14. Winnie

    This is absolutely ridiculous slander with lots of speculation. How would you like it if I wrote everything you have done in your past, every little thing, and the exaggerate for the world to see? I’m sure you have things you have done that you would never want the world to see. This is not need, it’s slanted and no beter that a trashy tabloid. This is speculation based on public documents and absolutely inappropriate and disrespectful. What a bunch of trash. This is not journalism. Shame on you, you crappy “journalist.” One day you will cross the wrong person if you continue with this. Karma is a bitch and will catch up with you. It always does. This is not news. You are an embarrassment to journalism.

  15. 1% Angel 99%Biker Bitch

    Pretty obvious someone very close to the divorce filing provided copies of the court documents, personal financial documents of Mr. Trew, as well as personal details not encompassed in the court documents and fed your so-called news outlet with information.
    Only someone with an axe to grind (perhaps your anonymous writer!!)or other person(s)who thought this would benefit them in some way. Something for your so-called news outlet to remember…Nashville is really a very, very small town disguised as a big city…and someone will eventually reveal how you came about these documents and information. Just remember…KARMA is a bitch and best served cold!!

    1. Anon

      All of those documents are public record once filed, including the personal financial documents which were submitted to the court.

  16. Morpheus

    This article is so good. I always thought there was some shady, scandalous stuff going on and I applaud East Nashville News for having the balls to report it. Sure, it’s vicious and immoral to share these details, and whoever wrote this would definitely be going to hell if it were a real place, but people love reading this shit and let’s be honest, was anyone really that shocked by any of it? This is exactly the kind of shit I’d expect from someone like Trew. It’s gonna make a great episode of Snapped or some other true crime documentary one day. Good on you East Nashville News for not being afraid to be the bad guy and publishing this juicy article.

  17. Anthony

    “East Nashville News”….what a sad and worthless entity you are. Kind of like a sassy little schoolgirl spreading rumers. I’m one of Frank and Michael’s neighbors and your facts about the event are wrong. Completely not true. You rushed into publishing this article with the intent of spreading darkness. It’s so clear there was a giddiness behind it which is strange and unusual and psychotic really.
    While all the other reportings were based on real tangible facts about Franks life that are documented by the real changes and love in our great city of Nashville.
    You’re a bottom feeder looking for trash to polish and laughing down into someone’s grave.
    You’re a humorless joke.

    1. ths

      Neighbors don’t really know neighbors. He was a useless piece, a cheater, a liar, and a cradle robber, is that a good man? Don’t think so!

  18. […] thing Frank Trew did for the community was to create a non profit called ‘Hip Donelson, Inc.’ – […]

  19. Clayton Bigsby

    Thanks for sharing what a POS Frank really was!

  20. tgs

    He was a down to earth phony and a jerk, accusing me of being drunk and was going to call the cops if I left there. My husband had to come and tell his dumb a.. I was sober. Also,
    He didn’t even have the decency to divorce before he robbed the cradle!!!! I have no respect for this man and he must not have had any for his lover, husband, the community, or anyone else! He did the right thing before anyone else did it for him!!

    1. tgs

      He was also a pedifile!

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