Nashville Lyft Driver Kicks ‘Poor’ Passengers Out of BMW, says “How in the heck could they afford a premium ride” – on Thanksgiving Day

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Angie Higgins is a Lyft Driver and first female Commander of VFW Post 5064, and on Thanksgiving evening around 4PM she got a request for a Lyft Premier ride, and she traveled to the passenger’s pick up location, which was a hotel in Murfreesboro, no different than a hundred other similar rides every day in the nashville Lyft market. The ride was estimated to be about 45 minutes. Except she ended the ride and dumped her passengers at a gas station shortly after picking them up. What did she have to say about it? “How in the heck could they afford a premium ride?” !

In a social media post detailing the ride she gives the following reason for ending the ride on her passengers:

  • says hotel they were picked up from is “known for drugs”
  • her passenger (Ernest) “looks like a thug”
  • says they are “smelly”
  • she overhears a phone conversation, and assumes they really have no money (Lyft is 100% credit/debit, with pre-authorizions, there is no cash in play here- she is guaranteed to be paid)
  • says passenger asked about her car (BMW) and phone
  • on social media says “How in the heck could they afford a premium ride” (screenshot below)

At this point, Angie Higgins pulls into a gas station, cancels the ride, and tells the 2 passengers (Ernest  and a female) that she felt sick, and they have to get out of her BMW. On Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s the social media post:

Her reasoning was edited on social media to add ‘too many red flags, my gut told me to get them the hell out of my car’:

“Ok here is what happened…. had a premier request for a 45+ minute ride. Got to pick guy up, Ernest and it is at hotel in Boro known for drugs flag #1 He looks like a thug and his girl gets in car. They are smellyflag #2 and she gets on phone telling someone that they she ain’t got no money flag #3. He keeps asking me about car (BMW) and my phone flag #’s 4 and 5. I pulled over and gas station and cancelled ride. Told them I felt sick. How in the heck could they afford a premium ride???? Too many red flags. My gut told me to get them the hell out of my car.”

To recap – the ride money was guaranteed for her, yet she cancelled the ride because she thought they were poor, and might try to rob her or something, despite being tracked by Lyft, and having their ID and credit card attached to their account – and left them at a gas station, on Thanksgiving day. Wonder what she was thankful for today? Perhaps it was for feeling of being better off than another human, and letting them know it?

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