Arrest: Jerry Cain Williams – Kroger Gift Card Bandit

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For just over a month, there was a Kroger gift-card bandit hitting Nashville – and he was finally arrested in May, when he bonded out on his charges – and disappeared. He missed all his court dates, and a felony capias was issued for his arrested – which was served on Christmas Eve, and is being held on a $12,000 bond.

From 4/1/17 to 5/2/17, Jerry Cain Williams stole or attempted to steal Kroger gift cards totaling $2,450. The actual financial loss to Kroger by the defendant in Nashville was $2,025.

  • 4/1/17- Kroger at 5705 Charlotte Pk – 2 gift cards without paying for them totaling $850.
  • 4/1/17- Kroger at 61 E. Thompson Ln – 2 gift cards without paying for them totaling $850.
  • 4/5/17- Kroger at 3930 Clarksville Hwy – 1 gift card without paying for it totaling $325.
  • 5/2/17- Kroger at 3930 Clarksville Hwy – attempted to take 1 gift card totaling $425 without paying for it, but the clerk did not activate the card. The defendant stated he didn’t have enough money and walked away from the register to leave. The loss prevention recognized the suspect and he was detained for prosecution.

Jeremy Cain Williams was observed with 2 unidentified females who have also stolen gift cards by the same method. The females were not apprehended. He signed a miranda rights waiver and admitted to the thefts, and said he was from Memphis and rode with the two females to Nashville.

How he did it:

He placed merchandise on the register along with gift cards and the cashier would activate the gift cards during the transaction. The defendant took the gift cards and told the cashier he didn’t have his money with him or didn’t have enough money, so the cashier would wait or suspend the transaction. The defendant would act like he was going to get the money and did not come back. The defendant said he took the gift cards and purchased merchandise at other Kroger locations. The defendant was captured on video surveillance.

Jerry Cain Williams has a review hearing on 12/27/17.

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