FELONY ARREST: 68yo Socialite Susan Siegel Writing More Bad Checks

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In August we told you about Nashville socialite Susan Siegel, 68, who had been writing bad checks around town, and was charged criminally with one for nearly $700 to Woo Skin Care & Cosmetics. That charge was dismissed in October after a couple of court dates, however last night Susan Siegel found herself back in the Davidson County Jail, with her world falling apart around her – all while she serves on community boards, attends the parties with the who’s who of Nashville, shops at stores like she has all the money in the world, and putting on a public persona that had everyone fooled until her first bad check criminal arrest in August. This is now her second in 4 months. How long before the public persona crumbles?

It’s not just a misdemeanor anymore, this time Susan Siegel faces felony charges, as she was arrested just before 9PM Tuesday evening. As with her extensive history, she once again was given multiple chances and broke several promises to make good on her bad check, but refused to do so, and ghosted the victim.

Last time it was cosmetics, this time it was at Wilder – Susan Siegel purchased furniture from the victim and wrote a personal check in the amount of $1,939.19. The check was returned to the victim as insufficient funds from the defendant’s personal account at Ascend Federal Credit Union. The victim sent the defendant a certified letter and notified her by phone of the returned check. The defendant made several excuses and did not pay the victim for the returned check. The victim even offered to take back the used furniture and the defendant stopped communication with the victim. The victim was at a financial loss of $1,939.19 due to the worthless check

Siegel spent 5 hours in jail, bonding out just after 2AM via Grumpy’s, this time on a $2500 bond. She will appear in court on 01/08/18.

Her list of previous lawsuits, where she was not charged criminally for her bad checks, along with her evictions and other civil suits, where her judgments are in the tens of thousands of dollars:

See all of the details in our previous story on Susan Siegel’s financial problems.

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