Felony Drug Arrest: Erika Campbell Sells 27 Oxymorphone 40’s & Admits to More

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On Wednesday, 11/29, Erika Campbell of  Litton Ave in East Nashville. pulled into the Mapco at S. Gallatin & Briley and parked beside Virginia Stevens in the far back portion of the parking lot. Minutes later, both would leave in handcuffs, with lots of pills and cash seized – and Campbell would tell police that’s she’s made the same traction multiple times before, to the same person.

The Quick List:

  • Dealer: Erika Campbell (Grey Nissan Sentra)
  • Buyer: Virginia Stevens (White Ford Edge)
  • Erika Campbell was in possession of 29 oxymorphone 40mg pills (yellow G74)
  • Virginia Stevens got into Erika Campbell’s vehicle
  • Erika sold 27 oxymorphone 40s for $67.50 /each
  • Transaction Time: 2 minutes
  • Both subjects are arrested, read Miranda
  • Erika still has 2 oxymorphones on her person
  • Erika admits to to everything – selling 27 pills to Virginia
  • Erika admits she has sold to her on multiple previous occasions
  • Virginia initially says she bought 3 pills, and immediately ate them
  • Virginia finally admits to buying 27 pills, and retrieves them from her pants.
  • $2100 in cash seized, most from this transaction.
Erika Campbell

The Charges

  • Erika Campbell – Felony C/S – $5,000 Bond
  • Virginia Campbell – Poss.w/int.-Sch.II – $5000 Bond
Virginia Stevens

MNPD Affidavit: Erika Campbell

Police performed parking lot surveillance at the Mapco parking lot at S. Gallatin Pike and Briley Parkway (Madison, TN – Davidson County). This location is known for drug activity, drug sales and detectives in this unit (Madison CSU) have made several arrests (including felonies) and drug seizures from this location. Detectives observed a white Ford Edge SUV with multiple occupants and the vehicle moved to readjust its location several times in the parking lot, finally coming to a complete stop in the far back portion of the parking lot. The driver (later id’ed as Virginia Stevens) went in and out of the store and returned to the vehicle several times, and appeared to be looking around the parking lot. Stevens returned to the vehicle and then a second vehicle arrived (small gray sedan driven by Erica Campbell and later id’ed) and parked in the back lot directly next to Stevens’s vehicle. Stevens immediately exited her vehicle and entered into this other vehicle and sat in the front passenger side seat. The interaction lasted about 2 minutes and Stevens exited the vehicle and walked back to her vehicle. In past experience at this known drug location, police know this type of behavior and interaction to be narcotic related. Police approached both vehicle s and made contact with all subjects. Police met with Erica Campbell and advised her of police observations. She provided information about the meeting with Stevens and the stories did not match. Campbell gave consent to search her purse and police located 2 oxymorphone pills in the purse (labeled G 74, id as Oxymorphone 40 mg). Police confronted her about the findings and advised her of Miranda Rights. During conversation Campbell advised that she sold 27 oxymorphone pills to Stevens and has done so on previous occasions. Police (Det. Stanford) located the 27 pills on Stevens and she turned them over to police. Campbell was also found have over $2100 cash in her purse (with pills) and most of that money was from the recent drug sales to Stevens. Due to observations, amounts of drugs located, statements from Campbell and Stevens, and cash found, it appears Campbell sold the pills.

Erika Campbell

MNPD Affidavit: Virginia Stevens

On today’s date, Madison CSU detectives were conducting parking lot surveillance in the parking lot of 1516 S. Gallatin Pike (BP gas station). Narcotic activity is known to occurr frequently in the particular parking lot. Madison CSU has made several drug seizures while conducting surveillance in this area in the past. At around 1630 hours, detectives observed the defendant park at a gas pump for approximately one minute, then drive off and back into a parking stall of the gas station. A short time later, a separate vehicle (gray Nissan Sentra) pulled next to her vehicle. The defendant exited her car and got into the front passenger seat of the Nissan sedan. The defendant was in the vehicle for a couple of minutes before exiting and returning to her vehicle. At that time detectives made contact with both parties. While speaking with the defendant, she stated she purchased three pills from the co-defendant (later identified as Erika Campbell) but ate them before police made contact with her. She stated Ms. Campbell was a friend and she was meeting her at the gas station to follow her to her residence. Under Miranda, the defendant changed her story and stated she purchased 27 pills from Ms. Campbell. The defendant then retrieved 27 yellow pills (with imprint “G74) wrapped in clear plastic from her pants. The pills were Oxymorphone-40 mg pills. The defendant stated she paid $67.50 per pill to Ms. Campbell. This story corroborated the statements that Ms. Campbell gave to detectives. Detectives recovered approximately $2,100 from Ms. Campbell’s purse.

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