Quintin Whitman Charged in Nashville Dollar General Robbery

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Quintin Whitman was arrested Friday afternoon, as the suspect in the 01/22/18 robbery of a Nashville Dollar General.

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According to police records, on 01/22/2018 at approximately 5:43 PM, the employees of Dollar General located at 2101 8th Ave S, contacted police advising they had been robbed. During the initial investigation the reporting employee advised a suspect approached the register she was working and purchased a pack of peanuts. The reporting employee stated, once the cash register was open the suspect said “give me the money” as he shoved her away from the register.

Once the suspect shoved the reporting employee, he reached into the businesses cash register and grabbed the money inside. Once the suspect grabbed the cash from the register he left the location heading South bound on 8th Ave S. Dollar General’s District manager was able to provide video footage of the incident. Quintin Whitman was developed as a person of interest with the video footage provided. On 01/26/2018 the victim in the robbery was able to make a positive identification of the suspect via photo lineup.

Whitman was released on a $40,000 bond, in addition to the bonds he was already out on. He has court dates upcoming on 02/23/18 and 03/27/18.

Whitman has several previous charges, including: Theft of Property- $1,000 or less

“Police conducted a knock and talk at 455 Swiss Av in search of the defendant (Quintin Whitman). The defendant had two outstanding warrants for his arrest that had been confirmed by warrants division. Upon knocking the defendant presented himself and was taken into custody without incident. The defendant along with his wife also gave consent to police to conduct a search of the apartment. The defendant and his wife also signed a consent to search form prior to any search. During the search police located a Smith and Wesson .38 Special revolver with a serial number of J470313. A records check of that firearm showed it to be stolen out of Davidson County, TN. The defendant was read his Miranda Rights and he stated he understood his rights. Under Miranda the defendant stated he purchased the firearm two years ago at a gun show located at the fairgrounds. He also stated his friend, who is a Davidson County Sherriff Deputy ran the serial number through records and it did not show to be stolen. The firearm was seized and the defendant was transported to booking. This incident occurred in Davidson County, TN.”

In September, he had another charge of Theft of Merchandise- $1,000 or less

On 7-19-17 at around 0923hrs the defendant was inside the Cash America Pawn shop located at 2612 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN (Davidson County). As the defendant left the location he grabbed an Apple Mac Book laptop computer which on display by the door. He left the business without purchasing the item. The witness was able to positively identify the defendant via a photo line-up. The incident was captured on surveillance video in which the defendant can be seen. The value of the property taken is $900.00.


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3 Thoughts to “Quintin Whitman Charged in Nashville Dollar General Robbery”

  1. Harassed Citizen, Taking On NMPD

    Quintin Whitman is innocent. The man in the red hoodie is from Nashville. The suspect was mistakenly identified by the victim named Brenda Juanita Wilson via photo lineup.
    Scientific research on human memory, social influence, and eyewitness identification has informed our understanding of the factors that
    increase risk of mistaken identification, and these factors are summarized in articles and books about the psychology of eyewitness identification.
    The suspect in the red hoodie, now has a increased chance of being falsely identified.
    Surveillance shows a man that is not the same body type, as his physical appearance is also different from Quintin Whitman. The suspect shown in the video footage above does not match the physical description of the man that is being falsely accused publicly.

  2. J. May

    That’s definitely not him that person is a whole different type and built

  3. C may

    This is definitely not Quintin wrong height and build not to mention the hair color and length is wrong!!! This shit crazy ?

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