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On Thursday night, detectives were conducting pre-raid surveillance at the residence of Jesse Weston, and saw him leave the residence. After he left, and just before midnight, MNPD SID Gang Unit executed a narcotics search warrant at his Hermitage address.

What they got:

  • 40 grams of crystal meth in a fake can
  • Suboxone
  • Digital scales w/meth residue
  • Fake ID
  • glass marijuana pipe
  • 12 grams crystal meth on bed

According to the MNPD affidavit: 

Detectives located the following inside the residence: a can with false bottom containing 40 grams of crystal methamphetamine in a baggie and 2 Buprenorphine pills (Sch III) in the hall closet; a set of digital scales with a crystalline residue and a Buprenorphine pill in defendant’s bedroom on the nightstand; paper Tennessee identification belonging to defendant, prescription pill bottles belonging to defendant, a fake Florida Driver’s license with defendant’s picture and the name “Timothy Lawrence” on it, and a glass marijuana pipe on the nightstand in defendant’s bedroom ; a bag containing 12 grams of crystal methamphetamine on defendant’s bed; a wallet with defendant’s Tennessee identification under the defendant’s mattress. The crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 52 grams total.

Jesse Weston is charged with possession ($1,000 bond), paraphernalia ($2,500 bond) and Poss.w/Int-Cont.Sub.-Meth 26-299 gr Felony ($75,000 bond). He will appear in court on 03/05/18 for a bond review hearing.

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