Hey Jesse Weston, that’s a Meth Raid! #Arrested | $78,500 Bond

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On Thursday night, detectives were conducting pre-raid surveillance at the residence of Jesse Weston, and saw him leave the residence. After he left, and just before midnight, MNPD SID Gang Unit executed a narcotics search warrant at his Hermitage address.

What they got:

  • 40 grams of crystal meth in a fake can
  • Suboxone
  • Digital scales w/meth residue
  • Fake ID
  • glass marijuana pipe
  • 12 grams crystal meth on bed

According to the MNPD affidavit: 

Detectives located the following inside the residence: a can with false bottom containing 40 grams of crystal methamphetamine in a baggie and 2 Buprenorphine pills (Sch III) in the hall closet; a set of digital scales with a crystalline residue and a Buprenorphine pill in defendant’s bedroom on the nightstand; paper Tennessee identification belonging to defendant, prescription pill bottles belonging to defendant, a fake Florida Driver’s license with defendant’s picture and the name “Timothy Lawrence” on it, and a glass marijuana pipe on the nightstand in defendant’s bedroom ; a bag containing 12 grams of crystal methamphetamine on defendant’s bed; a wallet with defendant’s Tennessee identification under the defendant’s mattress. The crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 52 grams total.

Jesse Weston is charged with possession ($1,000 bond), paraphernalia ($2,500 bond) and Poss.w/Int-Cont.Sub.-Meth 26-299 gr Felony ($75,000 bond). He will appear in court on 03/05/18 for a bond review hearing.

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4 Thoughts to “Hey Jesse Weston, that’s a Meth Raid! #Arrested | $78,500 Bond”

  1. East Nashville Resident

    Who fucking cares? How the hell is this related to East Nashville? This site is going to shit.

    1. Austin Peay

      I’m guessing you’re not from this town are you? It has to do with East Nashville bc Jesse used to live in East Nashville…. He was/still is widely known in East Nashville, and unlike you, he will be known in East Nashville for many years to come.

      So now that your question is answered, let’s reword and flip the question a bit: what exactly do YOU have to do with East Nashville? The entire city of Nashville loves to laugh at you morons… oh I’m sorry the politically correct term is “hipsters”. Y’all prove your ignorance on the very first rent payment or when you lay the down payment on a $250k skinny house in the fucking hood…. And oh, do we love to hear y’all defend east Nashville : “We don’t live in the hood, it’s East Nashville, it’s not ghetto” …… Green Hills, Belle Meade, Brentwood or Franklin or Nolansville… or College Grove…. THOSE are not in the hood, and the lack of police activity proves that…. hell even Donelson, Hermitage, and WOODBINE have less shit happening than East Nashville-


      If you don’t like the town you moved to, trust us, we don’t mind if you leave and take all of your bearded homo friends with you – go invade some other town… Or shut the fuck up

      1. Gimmeafuckingbreak

        Get a fucking life twerp, just because you can’t afford live anywhere but LaVergne doesn’t mean you know shit. So go to bed so you can get up at 6:00 am to bust your ass at Burger King for $7.56/hour, that is if your 1991 Honda Accord can get you there, fucking pussy.

  2. Austin Peay

    Dammit Jesse…. I thought I tole’ you ’bout sellin’ that shit, and smokin’ that funny weed, and poppin’ them pills, and butt fucking them girls all the gotdamn time.
    Well, I hope you, fo’ yo’ own sake that you was lettin’ them girls stick stuff in yo’ butt too- bc… where you gon’ be goin’ this time, well…. All I kin say is they gon’ like yo’ purdy mouth and them tiny muscles you be showing off so much. When they get done wit yo’ ass, yo’ underwear will be lookin’ just like the baking sheet at a chocolate donut shop….. O O O O O

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