The Charlie Brown, Jr. Murder: How it happened | Nashville gang member boasts about getting his “first body for a vehicle”

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On Saturday, 02/24/18, 20-year-old Charlie Brown Jr. of Lischey Ave. was found dead from a gunshot wound at 8 AM in an alley in the 2600 block of Alameda Street. Here’s what we now know happened.

Victim: Charlie Brown, Jr.

According to now released police documents,  a concerned citizen contacted police and stated that they had information in relation to this homicide. The citizen’s statement was that two persons known as “Dee” and “Tay” left from Ireland Street on foot, armed with two handguns, on 02/24/2018 around 0000 hours for the purpose of going to purchase marijuana.

The statement continues that the two showed back up around 0130 hours and stated they had gotten a car (red Chrysler Sebring with large dent on front passenger side). Shortly after arriving in the car the vehicle went to 5800 Maudina Avenue, and after leaving from there it was daylight out. There was a female riding in the back seat scrolling through posts on Facebook when she saw a post with a picture of a male black stating “RIP Charlie”. After seeing the post she noticed a ID in the floor of the vehicle, picked it up, and noticed it was the persons ID that she had just seen on the Facebook post that was dead.

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Tamarrius Portis (left) & Jonathan Chatman (right)

Shortly after seeing the ID they ran from police in the vehicle near the area of 12th Ave N and Cockrill Street. After losing police they went down an alley where “Tay” was observed wiping his fingerprints off of a revolver style handgun prior to throwing it out the window.

They abandoned the vehicle in the alley and ran on foot to John Early School where “Dee” buried the key to the car. The citizen also stated that the suspects had taken the SIM card out of the victim’s phone and destroyed it and the phone after deleting Facebook messages between “Dee” and the victim. They were then picked up by “Cedric” and dropped back off on Ireland Street where they were overheard talking on the phone to their “Big Homie” (gang leader) about “Tay” getting his first body for a vehicle and going into details about how they had shot and killed the victim. They then threatened to kill the female if she told anything about what she heard. The suspects were identified as Tamarrius Portis and Jonathan Chatman via their facebook account names.

Portis was spotted Friday night at 5th Avenue North and Church Street. Officers tried to take him into custody and said he ran several blocks and was captured at 4th Avenue North and Commerce Street. Portis is also charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, evidence tampering, resisting arrest and evading arrest.

Police are still searching for 20-year-old Jonathan Chatman who they said killed Brown while robbing him. Chatman is wanted on murder and aggravated robbery charges.

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    This is so sad. You want to kill someone because of a gang. But i bet you won’t see your gang leader when you get all this time. Put these guns down…

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