Autopsy confirms Terry Adams, Jr. was shot in in back multiple times by homeowner. 2nd suspect Devon Colvin Arrested.

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Terry Adams, Jr., 27, died Wednesday night in Nashville during a home invasion, shot my homeowner Brent Bishop. What we didn’t officially know until now, was that Adams was shot in the back, while leaving the scene, as confirmed in court documents filed during last night’s arrest of co-defendant Devon Colvin.

Here’s how it happened, according to an arrest affidavit for Devon Colvin, filed overnight:

On 3/28/18 at approximately 8:30 PM, police were dispatched to Richard Lee Circle on a home invasion robbery. Upon arriving, it was learned that two suspects entered the home without permission from the homeowners and encountered Christina Bishop. The suspects demanded that she open the safe in the house. The suspects were armed with a hammer, screwdriver, and knife and began striking Christina Bishop.

Brent Bishop returned home during the robbery and encountered the suspects. The suspects began assaulting Brent Bishop, causing him to suffer a fractured skull as a result of the incident. Christina Bishop suffered contusions as a result of the robbery. Both were treated at Vanderbilt Hospital for their injuries. The suspects then took several rifles from the home.

Booking Photo: Devon Colvin

Christina Bishop managed to flee the scene to a neighbor’s house. Brent Bishop armed himself with a handgun and attempted to find his wife. Brent Bishop again encountered the suspects outside of his home still on his property. During the encounter, Brent Bishop shot suspect, Terry Adams, Jr., who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Devon Colvin, 21

The other suspect, Devon Colvin, 21, dropped Brent Bishop’s rifles and fled the scene on foot. He was arrested late Tuesday afternoon.

During the investigation, it was learned that Terry Adams, Jr. had been dropped off at the home of the Devon Colvin, which is in close proximity to Richard Lee Circle. Terry Adams, Jr.’s girlfriend, Nicole Czajkowski, confirmed the address as the place where she left Terry Adams, Jr.

Witnesses and video surveillance show that Terry Adams, Jr. and Colvin were together prior to the incident. After the home invasion, the defendant informed both Nicole Czajkowski and Terry Adams, Sr., the father of the deceased, that he was with Terry Adams, Jr when he was shot in the back.

Colvin also stated that he dropped the guns and fled. These statements were confirmed as evident by rifles found laying in the yard outside of Richard Lee Circle and an autopsy of Terry Adams, Jr. that confirmed the location of the shots. Terry Adams, Sr. was able to positively identify Colvin as the person who made the statements to him via a photo lineup.

Devon Colvin is charged with Especially Aggravated Robbery, and is held on a $150,000 bond.

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