Woman gets plastered on bottle of champagne @ bar, scoffs at police’s offer of shelter, demands to be arrested.

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Valentine J Law was at the DoubleTree hotel bar downtown on Thursday night, where security states she drank an entire bottle of champagne while at the hotel bar/lobby area. She was so intoxicated, that once they realized she was not an overnight guest of the hotel, police were called to check on her welfare.

MNPD arrived just after 11:30 PM, and Valentine Law willingly exited the hotel with police, but did not have the means to call a friend to pick her up, due to her phone being dead. As the police can’t just leave an person sitting on the sidewalk with this level of intoxication, they had dispatch check to see if she qualified to stay at one of the homeless shelters for the evening, and she was cleared for a stay at Room in the Inn.

Valentine, who is certainly not homeless, and is a paralegal in Nashville, was not about to be taken to the homeless shelter, and scoffed at the thought of it. Police asked her to get into the patrol care so she could be transported to the shelter, however Valentine stated she was “not going to Room in the Inn”. She then walked onto the public sidewalk by the street in front of the hotel and said:

“Take me to jail for public intoxication”

The report indicates that MNPD did indeed smell an extreme odor of alcoholic beverages coming from the defendant’s expelled breath. Police observed the defendant had blood shot watery eyes and extremely slurred speech. Police observed the defendant unreasonably annoying people in the vicinity and the likelihood was great the offense would continue in her current state of intoxication. Police took the defendant into custody without incident and charged with public intoxication, just as she desired.

Police let her sober up and dismissed charges and released her just after 10 AM on Friday morning.


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