DCSO: Cocaine fell from his ‘Prison Pocket’ during Squat & Cough

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It was just another Nashville drug arrest on Friday night when Theodore H Bell, 32, was arrested and booked on possession with intent charges for both schedule VI & II drugs. It happened just after 10 PM when officers were walking routine patrol on Commerce street downtown between 3rd & 4th when they noticed a clear plastic bag containing a white substance sitting in plain view in a cup holder in an unoccupied vehicle. 

The officers watched the vehicle until Theodore Bell returned and got inside and started it before bending down int he driver’s seat. They then conducted a stop on the vehicle and as they approached it they could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. As the suspect exited the vehicle, they also noticed another clear plastic bag with marijuana in the floor board in plain view. Also in that bag was a white powdery substance believed to be crack/cocaine.  Also in the same bag, multiple individually clear plastic bags containing a white powdery substance consistent with cocaine were found.

The clear plastic bag in the center cup holder was recovered and it had a white powdery residue consistent with crack/cocaine. Bell also had a large amount of money on him in multiple denominations. Officer observed white residue on the dashboard and center console of the vehicle. Bell was placed into custody and transported to booking.

While walking into booking, Bell disclosed he had marijuana inside his underwear, and. A clear plastic bag containing 4.5 grams was recovered. Once he was transferred to DCSO custody, inside the jail, a search was conducted by Deputy Robert Goodell. Deputy Goodell stated he made the defendant squat and cough. A clear plastic bag containing multiple smaller bags containing a white powdery substance came out of his anus. The clear plastic bag was covered in fecal matter and turned over to police for evidence and additional charges.

In addition to the above charges, Theodore Bell was charged with felony introduction of drugs into a penal institution. He posted a $12,000 bond via Bail U Out.

At the time of his arrest, Bell was already out on bond from an April arrest for DUI, Implied Consent, Possession w/intent SCH II, Possession with intent SCH VI, and open container, via Bail U Out.

Bell’s booking photo was not immediately available at time of publication. 

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