Man Insists on Using Fake $100 Bills at Club Ibiza

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Davis Lopez-Almendarez faces felony criminal simulation charges after he tried to get into Club Ibiza using fake money early Saturday morning.

Police were called to the club after Lopez-Almendarez passed counterfeit currency to gain entry to the club. Security noticed the money was fake and told him to pay with real money. He attempted to pay again using the counterfeit money, and security retained the bills, telling him that if he wanted it back to call Metro Police.

He met police outside the club, and immediately told them it was his money and he wanted it back. Police looked at the currency, and noted the two $100 bills were clearly fake currency. The bills had Russian lettering, and on the back contained the text “It’s not the money, It’s a Joke”.

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During the investigation, Lopez-Almendarez walked away laughing, then started to run away from police when he realized he was actually in serious trouble. After a brief foot pursuit, police found him lying in some bushes on Brentwood Drive East, and took him into custody.

25-year-old Davis Lopez-Almendarez was charged with felony criminal simulation and evading arrest. He was booked into jail and released on the pre-trial-release program, to his Indianapolis, Indiana, address.


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