Witness Charged with Evidence Tampering in The Park at Hermitage Shooting

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Casey Jacobs, 22, is charged with Tampering with evidence, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and cocaine possession, in relation to a Wednesday shooting at The Park at Hermitage.

According to police, they responded to 5900 Old Hickory Blvd earlier this week in response to a shooting call. During the investigation of the shooting, Casey Jacobs was identified as a witness to the crime, and was inside the crime scene while officers were conducting the investigation.

Jacobs took the shooting victim’s cell phone from the scene and began using it, though it was unclear what exactly she was doing or erasing on the phone. Officers told her to put the phone down or hand it to them, and she became angry and yelled and screamed at them, and refused. She was told once again that she was tampering with evidence of a crime scene, and she still refused to hand over the phone, and continued to operate it.  She was then placed under arrest, and charged with tampering with evidence.

During her arrest, she pulled away from officers and resisted being cuffed. A search incident to arrested yielded 1 gram of cocaine her purse. Jacobs was charged with resisting arrest, possession of cocaine, tampering with evidence, and disorderly conduct.

There is little information on exactly what happened that night. According to Metro Police, four people who do not live at the complex had jumped a fence to hang out at the pool area in the back of the complex when they were allegedly approached by two men wearing masks and armed with handguns. A man in his 40’s was shot in the back during a confrontation investigators believe stemmed from a robbery attempt.

The investigation is ongoing.

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