Nashville Uber Driver Escapes from Robbery & Carjacking Attempt

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Late Saturday afternoon, Uber driver Aaron Pettit says a woman tried to rob him of money and take his car. He told her he was armed with a knife, so she punched him in the face, while another man pulled a gun on him.

Police say they were at the intersection of Fain St & Fairfield Ave, near the Napier Recreation Center, when they were flagged down by Pettit, who told them that a female black wearing gray shorts and a grayish t-shirt and a male black with a handgun had just tried to rob him.

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Pettit stated that the female got into his car and asked for a ride and any money he had on him. He told her that he didn’t have any money on him, and that he wasn’t giving her a ride unless she requested it via the Uber app. The female, later identified as Mariah Nolen, 22, refused to get out of Pettit’s car, and continued to demand a ride and a cigarette. After multiple requests for her to exit the vehicle, Pettit eventually told her that he had a knife and she needed to get out of his vehicle.

Pettit says Mariah Nolen then punched him in the face, and walked around from the passenger side door to the driver’s door, and opened it from the outside. A male black then approached the vehicle with a handgun, and Nolen began pulling at Pettit to get him out of the vehicle.

Pettit says he believed they were going to take his vehicle and everything in it. He suddenly accelerated to the nearby intersection where the officers were located, and alerted them to what was happening. As he was speaking to police, he noticed Nolen hiding behind a vehicle near the intersection, and pointed her out as the female half of the attempted robbery, and she began to run to flee the scene.

Police made verbal commands for her stop, but she continued to run from them. They eventually were able to detain her at Fairfield Ave & Robertson St, where she continued to resist until another officer arrived on scene and was able to assist in getting her into custody.

Mariah Nolen is charged with felony robbery ($7,500 bond), resisting arrest ($1,000 bond), evading arrest ($1,500 bond), and capias on a state citation for prostitution ($2,000 bond). The male has not yet been located.

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