Man Charged with Attempted Murder after Girlfriend Refused to Unlock Phone

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Monday night at around 11 PM, Antonio Davis, 32, was in bed with his girlfriend of three years when an argument began when she refused to unlock her cell phone so Davis could “go through it”.

Davis became angered when his girlfriend would not unlock the phone, and got out of the bed to retrieve something before re-approaching his girlfriend, as she laid in bed. The victim says she heard the clicking sound of a razor blade and then Davis was standing over her with a razor blade in his right hand.

Davis stood over her, and said:

“If you don’t unlock your phone, I’m going to cut your fucking throat!”

The victim continued to refuse to unlock her phone, and in response Davis lunged forward as he swung the razor blade at her. She used her left arm to block the swing toward her, resulting in  a cut on her left forearm. Injured, she then gave the phone to Davis, yelling “you just cut me!”. Davis then yelled “It don’t fucking matter, I’m gonna do more than that!”. The victim was then able to run out of the room, and had her daughter called police from her phone.

Antonio Davis (MNPD)

Records show it was eight minutes before police responded to the home. Once they arrived, they immediately detained Davis, who screamed “I’m gonna kill that fucking bitch..” at least 4 times while being cuffed and escorted to the patrol car.

The victim told police that she “felt for her life” and thought he was “serious, this time”. She says that earlier in the evening, around 9 PM, he had told her “If I find out you’ve been playing games with me, I’ll kill you”.

Davis was previously arrested for aggravated assault – strangulation, in October of 2016, which was judicially deferred for one year with probation, giving him no conviction on the case. During that case he assaulted the same victim when she tried to leave him, he started destroying the house, held his hand on her throat until she shouldn’t breathe, and then poured lighter fluid on a mattress and was looking for a lighter when police were called and he fled.

In September of 2017, he was once again charged with four counts of domestic assault, and all charges were retired by the prosecution instead of being prosecuted, with a promise to have no new arrests or citations for 12 months. In that case, several witnesses saw him hitting the victim, and when the children tried to intervene, he began pushing them, too, resulting in 4 charges for domestic assault.

Antonio Davis is now charged with attempted murder & resisting arrest. He is currently held on a $106,000 bond.

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