3 arrested for smoking crystal meth at Nashville Wendy’s after-hours

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Three people were arrested at the Wendy’s on 28th Ave North after closing on Sunday night, on multiple crystal meth related charges when officers observed all 3 smoking the substance with the back door propped open at 3:35 AM.

Officers were driving by the Wendy’s at 1045 28th Avenue North, when they observed 3 individuals behind the building, with the back door ajar. As officers walked around the building they observed one of the individuals, Jeffrey Pimpleton, 48, smoking out of a glass pipe. When asked what he was smoking, he freely admitted “meth”. On his person was also another glass pipe, as well as a 2.6 grams of meth in a small plastic baggy.

Jeffrey Pimpleton (mugshot: MNPD)

Another of the individuals seen smoking meth was 37-year-old Travis Danker, claimed ownership of additional drugs & paraphernalia that was within reach of the group, including a small leather kit that contained .5 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 1 gram of cocaine, as well as a pipe and straw, both with residue.

Travis Danker (MNPD)

The third person of the group was 38-year-old Justin Lancaster, who was also smoking meth when police arrived. He was found to have 2.3 grams of crystal meth in 4 separate bags, and a ‘straight’.

Justin Lancaster (MNPD)

Pimpleton is charged with possession of methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. Lancaster is charged with possession of methamphetamine. Danker is charged with possession/casual exchange, drug paraphernalia, and possession of methamphetamine. All three were released on the pre-trial release program.

Reached for comment on Tuesday morning, Wendy’s management refused to comment on the arrests, and disconnected subsequent calls about the issue.

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