Nashville sex worker throws man’s keys over bridge after he allegedly didn’t pay for services

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Nashville sex worker Tanisha Head, 29, is currently being held in lieu of a $2500 bond after police say she threw a customer’s car keys over a bridge when he wouldn’t pay.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, MNPD officers were driving on DR. D. B. Todd Boulevard when they came upon a vehicle parked in the middle of the street. Officers pulled behind the vehicle, turned on their blue lights, and made contact with the male driver, Devendra Bhandari, and the female passenger, Tanisha Head.

According to officers, it was immediately apparent that passenger Tanisha head was “highly under the influence of narcotics, due to her erratic behavior, and nonsensical speech patterns”. Officers also say that Head was well-known to them for a history or prostitution, though no prior arrests show for Metro Nashville. Officers asked if she was high again, and their report states she ‘proudly exclaimed’:

Call / Text Kurt NOW! 615-479-0550

“you KNOW I’m high as hell”

Tanisha Head (MNPD)

As the investigation continued Head began making other statements about needing her “$20”. Officers asked her to explain what $20 she was talking about, and Head replied:

“I got his juice up in my mouth and he didn’t give me my $20.”

The driver was questioned about the claims made by Tanisha Head, however he denied that anything sexual happened between the pair. He did not say how she ended up in his car, but he initially said that she propositioned him, and he turned down her offer, and attempted to kick her out of his car, explaining why they were stopped in the middle of the road. He later continued, and told officers that when they came to a stop, Head grabbed the keys from his ignition and jumped out of the car. When Head was asked about the whereabouts of the keys, she told officers she had taken them, and “give me my $20 and I give him his keys”.

Officers report that while they were interviewing the driver, Tanisha Head continued to mumble in the background, saying:

“sucked his dick and now he want to back out”

Once officers informed Head she was under arrest, she reportedly attempted to bribe officers into releasing her if she showed them where the keys were. Officers informed her she would not be released, and they say she then made a vague statement about “that being fine”, because they were “over the bridge anyways”, likely referring to the bridge directly beside where they were stopped, that passes over I-40.

Head is currently held in lieu of a $2500 bond, charged with prostitution and theft of car keys. She will have a bond review hearing on Wednesday morning.

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