Car burglar caught in the act: Country Howard arrested

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A Sylvan Glen Court resident in West Nashville called police just before 1 a.m. on January 20th, stating she was watching a man wearing all dark clothing, with an Under Armour backpack, break into her vehicle.

Police arrived to find a person matching the description at the intersection of 43rd Ave & Elkins Ave, identified as Country Howard, and asked to search his backpack for weapons during a terry stop. Inside the backpack was a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses, a pair of Maui Jean sunglasses, and a blue female-style shirt, which he said belonged to his girlfriend. All items matched exactly what the victim had reported as missing.

Country Howard (MNPD)

Eventually, Country Howard made a confession to police, in which he explained he did, in fact, open the car door and went inside the vehicle, and took the items. He then stated that he’s guilty, asked to make amends, and asked to be allowed to apologize to the victim for stealing.

Country Shane Howard, 25,  was arrested for burglary of a motor vehicle, and posted a $3,500 bond via Brooke’s Bail Bonding.  He had just a $3,000 bond 7 days prior on a theft over $2500 charge. Howard had multiple upcoming court dates, and an extensive history of similar charges.

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