TDOT’s viral hunk ‘#TDOTHottie’ revealed: Meet Greg Woerdeman

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TDOT’s District Operations Supervisor Greg Woerdeman thought it was just another day at work Friday, when he was to give an update to the press about how TDOT (Tennessee Dept of Transportation) would be preparing for the upcoming freezing weather on the roadways in Nashville. Except this update would be on camera, and every station in town would carry it during their newscast, some of them live on social media.

The stations that carried the briefing live on social media did not expect what would happen next. Once Woerdeman, who would later be described by tens of thousands of viewers as charismatic, hunky, TDOT’s hottie, and some other descriptors which we won’t repeat, stepped into the view of the cameras, and Nashville stopped listening. Even though some described his voice as ‘angelic’, and ‘the only voice I ever care to hear again’, many others comments in real-time they were watching with the volume down, because the visual was already overloading their senses. It turns out TDOT had an instant viral sensation on its hands.

Photo: FB/Torrey Peak

Greg Woerdeman wouldn’t immediately know what was going on, and still has yet to appreciate the impact of a viral video. Greg doesn’t do social media. In fact he’s very anti-social media, according to his girlfriend (sorry ladies!, & men).

The last time Greg had a social media account was nearly two decades ago, on Myspace, which was rarely used, even then. The one thing we do know: He’s a hardcore Kansas City fan! Also, his job comes with some great perks, including a nearly $70K yearly salary.

Photo: FB/Torrey Peak

He’s certainly does appear to be a catch, as ladies and men both clamored over Woerdeman’s delivery of the very serious update on what to expect for road conditions over the weekend. One of the stations posts on social media of the briefing already has over one-half million views in the 18 hours since it was posted.

Photo: FB/Torrey Peak

Greg’s girlfriend, who owns a local photography business. reports that they have been together for several years, and even posted an update for fans of Great, showing how he ‘cooks and cleans’ on social media, which only fueled the fire over what would become #TDOTHottie in a few short hours.

Photo: FB/Torrey Peak

His girlfriend joked Friday night, posting the couple was going out for margaritas, if anyone wanted to join them. As of Saturday morning, Greg still wasn’t on social media, but he did promise to keep us all covered, and make sure thing were taken care of by the time we woke up, during his Friday briefing.

Photo: FB/Torrey Peak

Of course, we all have that ‘one’ photo from decades ago that lives on forever, and the newly beloved Greg is no different. We’ve included it in the gallery below. As for Saturday, Nashville is patiently awaiting an update from Greg.

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