Hermitage wife attacks husband with sandal, bag, vase, trashcan; kicks him in groin

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Metro Police responded to Rachels Spring Road in Hermitage late Wednesday night, to the report of a domestic disturbance between 41-year-old Nelofer Shalizi and her husband, the victim. According to statements from both parties, the husband was downstairs with their children when he made a comment that upset Nelofer, and a verbal argument followed. Nelofer told police that she “lost it, and was tired of him antagonizing her” verbally.

Nelofer Shalizi (MNPD)

By all accounts, the argument escalated when Nelofer began slapping her husband with her sandal. She eventually threw the sandal at him, striking him with the footwear. Satisfied with her aim, she then threw her other matching sandal at him. The verbal argument  continued as she began to pick up other household items and throw them at her husband. She hit him with a bag, a vase, even an entire trash can, during the domestic disturbance. After she threw all of the above items, she approached her husband, and kicked in him the groin. Eventually the argument ended, and the parties went to separate areas.

The husband was able to record most of the assault on his phone, which officers viewed. Nelofar Shalizi posted a $2,000 bond via Able Bonding, and was released after the required 12-hour domestic violence hold. She is scheduled to appear in court in March.

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UPDATE: On 03/26, this case was dismissed due to the victim refusing to assist in the prosecution of the case.

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