Officer likened car to a sauna. A marijuana sauna. Driver arrested.

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Late Tuesday night, Officer Ryan Cagle was driving through a parking lot on Old Hickory Boulevard. In an affidavit, he writes he could smell a strong odor of marijuana throughout the entire parking lot he was driving through. He then noticed a vehicle sitting in the middle of the parking lot, and describes a cloud of smoke that could be seen from a distance.

The officer parked and approached the vehicle on the passenger side, where the window only rolled down a few inches. The car is described as “so dense with marijuana smoke that the opposing window was slightly obscured. The car bared liking to a sauna”.

Calvin Ross (MNPD)

The passengers stepped out of the vehicle, and the driver, identified as Calvin Ross, asked Officer Cagle if he could just tell him what was in the car. He said he had just smoked a blunt while waiting for his clothes to dry, and only had a blunt and a small bag of marijuana, which he pulled from the cup holder and placed on the dash. Once backup arrived, a full search of the vehicle was conducted, and as it began, the driver admitted there was a loaded pistol in the car between the driver’s seat and console.

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Calvin B Ross, 27, was charged with simple possession for the 11.1 grams of marijuana, and possession of a weapon while under the influence. He is free on pre-trial release.

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