Man shot in both legs by Walgreens security guard after shoplifting has 115+ prior arrests

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Convicted felon Marcus Pullens, who was shot in the legs by a Walgreens security guard early today after slashing the security guard’s arm with a razor blade, will be booked on aggravated assault and theft warrants when he is discharged from the hospital.

Pullens, 49, was seen shoplifting in the Clarksville Pike Walgreens store at 4 a.m. and was confronted by security guard Qwardell Stewart as he was about to leave.  At Stewart’s insistence that Pullens return the merchandise he was stealing, Pullens retrieved several bottles of Febreze air freshener from his pants.  Pullens quickly realized that Stewart intended to prosecute him for stealing.  A fight ensued between the two men.  Stewart attempted to control Pullens with a baton, but it had no effect.  Pullens then used a razor blade to cut Stewart’s left arm several times.  Stewart then drew his pistol and shot Pullens in the legs.

Marcus Eugene Pullens (MNPD)

Stewart was taken to a local hospital where he received stitches for the cuts. Ironically, Pullens pleaded guilty one month ago today in Criminal Court to a felony aggravated assault charge for using a box cutter to slash a Truck Stops of America security guard after shoplifting merchandise from there on December 15, 2018.  Pullens, who has been arrested more than 115 times since 1988, was given a four-year probated sentence.

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