LPN at The Waterford Assisted Living in Hermitage diverted pain pills from patients 20+ times

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The Board of Nursing has suspended the LPN license of Alicia Rainey, who admitted to diverting pain pills from patient’s medication cards and replacing them with different medications on at least 22 occasions at The Waterford Assisted Living / Memory Care in Hermitage.

According to a recently released disciplinary action report, LPN Alicia Rainey, who held her license since 2006, admitted to diverting the pain medications of patients of The Waterford Assisted Living / Memory Care center in Hermitage TN on at least 22 occasions, and at least 5 different patients. This occurred during her employment at the location, from May 1, 2018 to May 22, 2018.

Waterford management conducted an audit after it discovered medications were being removed from medication cards and substituted with other medications. The audit revealed the following medication discrepancies, to which Rainey admitted:

The State Board of Nursing has suspended her LPN License, in a consent agreement signed May 22, 2019. A copy of the order is below.

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