Niido Nashville is full of (dog) shit.. and maybe the newest frat house for working adults.

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Niido, Nashville’s first hybrid AirBNB/apartment complex, has gone to the dogs, literally. Residents awaken daily to hallways of dog shit, drunken people passed out, peeing from balconies into the courtyard, and elevators with fresh dog piss.

We previously featured The Cleo in East Nashville has Nashville’s newest frat house that was full of millennial mischief makers (and also dog shit), but Niido has now taken the title. The Niido is unique in that it allows the resident to AirBNB their units for a 25% fee. I had a recent occasion to spend a day there with a resident and witnessed many of the things they have been sharing online about many issues, including their main complaint – the poop. Here are some of their complaints, directly from the residents:

The complex received a new complaint in June of 2019 that was for urine, but not from a dog. This most recent weekend, residents took photos where a man had peed off the apartment balcony, into the courtyard/pool area. Can you imagine walking through the pool area and realizing you’re wet but there’s no rain?

Humans also were the subject of multiple other complaints inside Niido Nashville – mainly for vomiting everywhere – garage, hallways, pool, elevator…

Of course, to earn its adult frat house title, there must also be the occasional passed out human in the hallway – check.

So how do some of these millenials afford to live at Niido? They partner with the complex to rent their units out as AirBNB’s. Although the agreement allows for 180 days per year, many ignore the restriction. Here’s how much one resident says he makes after fees for home sharing at Niido Nashville:

It’s a good thing you can make some extra money living there, because parking is an ever-increasing issue, and management has hired a booting company that has been documenting booting a car with the time stamp hours different from the actual time; booting cars that were going upstairs to get a guest parking pass; booting cars that were broke into, as the owner went to call the cops, and even once when they came to un-boot a car, they waited a handful of minutes, and re-applied the boot as a brand new violation before the person could leave.

There’s one thing you can count on at Niido Nashville – someone is always watching… and recording.

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