Nurse admits to diverting narcotics from between ’10 – 30′ patients at TriStar Centennial Hospital

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Registered Nurse Nicole Harper told the Board of Nursing she withdrew from her monitoring agreement because she “wanted to drink alcohol with friends”, after admitting to diverting injectable narcotics from up to 30 patients at one hospital, and pain pills from another.

The Board of Nursing has suspended the license of Registered Nurse Nicole Harper, which she held since 2014. According to the newly released Disciplinary Action Report, Harper worked for TriStar Centennial Hospital and worked as a traveling nurse at Nashville General Hospital.

Harper admitted the following to management & officials, according to the disciplinary report (copy below):

  • diverting injectable Hydromorphone waste from TriStar from 2016-2017
  • diverting injectable Morphine from TriStar from 2016-2017
  • diverting Hydrocodone from Nashville General Hospital while working as a traveling nurse
  • diverting Oxycodone fro Nashville General Hospital while working as a traveling nurse
  • diverting abusing the drugs she had diverted
  • diverting controlled substances from more than 10, but less than 30, patients of TriStar Centennial Medical Center.
Nicole Harper (Facebook)
Nicole Harper (Facebook)

In September of 2017, Harper underwent a TnPAP evaluation, and a monitoring contract was executed in January of 2018, allowing her to continue nursing as a profession while her license remained on probation. In November of 2018 she lost the support of TnPAP, and in January of 2019 she explained her decision to withdraw from the monitoring program, stating: “I completed 3 months of treatment and decided to leave TnPAP because of financial cost, I wanted to drink alcohol with my friends, and I decided to pursue another career not going bed-side nursing.”

The Board of Nursing has now suspended her Registered Nurse license but may return to probationary status if she undergoes a successful assessment from TnPAP in the future. No legal charges have been filed against Harper.

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