Metro Councilman says he’s “not paying” a court-ordered judgment for campaign signs, didn’t even show up for court

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Metro Nashville City Councilman for District 1, Jonathan Hall recently told Scoop Nashville he was “not paying” a court-ordered judgment to a local small business that produced his campaign signs for his last campaign. He’s left the small business owner out $7,101.25

Local business Logoz initially filed the lawsuit in February, after repeated attempts to satisfy the outstanding balance failed, despite repeated promises from Hall that he never lived up to. In March, Jonathan Hall refused to show up for the court date, and a Nashville Judge entered a $7,101.25 judgment against him, as the payment due for his last political campaign signs to the local small business owner. We spoke to Hall last month when he told us he didn’t bother to show up to court because he “was just going to appeal it anyway”. We have found no record of an appeal being filed, despite Hall’s promise it would happen.

In fact, the small business owner has now attempted to enforce the judgment, his lawyer presenting a garnishment notice to the City of Nashville. However Metro Government, under the leadership of David Briley, has determined that if they calculate the wages of a city councilman as a 40-hour-per week job, that the councilman is ‘exempt’ from being garnished, and have refused to honor the garnishment notice.

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