ALL CLEAR after ‘shots fired’ panic at Wilson County Fair

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Late Saturday night social media lit up with reports of shots fired at the Wilson County Fair, and parents running to get to their kids, causing a mad scramble of fair goers in panic with no clear direction or idea of what was really happening.

According to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, hey did receive reports of shots fired around the midway area a bit ago, however those turned out to be false. Upon officers arrival, several teens started yelling “shots fired” and started running which caused a disturbance among fair goers. Several minutes after that, officers did respond to multiple fights that occurred which resulted in several people being taken into custody (mostly teenagers). The situation is under control at this time, and more individuals are expected to be charged once video is reviewed.

We will have a list of those arrested and their charges as they become available. Here is a video of some of them being detained:

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The Wilson County Fair published this to their social media just as we published:

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