Deanna Petty charged in June shooting of San Antonio Taco Co. employee Charles Yokley

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Deanna Petty is charged with aggravated assault (acting in concert) for her role in the June Shooting of Charles Yokley, and employee of San Antonio Taco Company on 21st Ave. South. She is jailed in lieu of an $85,000 bond.

Metro Police today arrested 22-year-old Deanna D. Petty at 3:56 a.m. She is charged with aggravated assault (acting in concert) for the shooting of Charles Yokley on June 9th, 2019. On that day police say she was captured on video surveilence exiting a green Nissan Altima parked across the street from his job at San Antonio Taco Company. She comes inside the business, walks past him, and the two appear to greet each other. She then returns to the vehicle, at which time shots are fired from the vehicle, hitting Yokley as it sped off during the shooting.

Deanna D. Petty (MNPD)
Deanna D. Petty (MNPD)

Yokley was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital for his injuries, and Petty was identified in a photo line up at a later point, at which time a warrant was issued for her arrest on August 8th. Petty is held in lieu of an $85,000 bond at the Metro jail.

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