“Just shoot me, I got pistols in all my pockets” – man to MNPD

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Metro Police say Travaris White threatened to ‘spray’ the whole Twice Daily story on West End with bullets, and then said “Just shoot me, I got pistols in all my pockets”. He is jailed on disorderly conduct and fugitive from justice warrants.

Metro Police responsed to the Twice Daily at 1702 West End early Thursday morning, to a report of an altercation of a customer with a store employee. The man, identified as 26-year-old Travaris White, reportedly refused to pay for a beer, but never made it out of the store with it, as an employee confronted him. He told the employee he would “spray the whole store with bullets”. Once officers arrived, they did not locate any weapons on White, despite him telling them “Just shoot me, I got pistols in all my pockets”.

Travaris White (MNPD)
Travaris White (MNPD)

Travaris White was jailed on the disorderly conduct charge, and held on an out of state warrant from Spalding County, GA., who was willing to extradite him.

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