Man walks in on ex-girlfriend with another man, goes outside, throws rocks through windows.

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Metro Police say James Sadler, 32, walked through the unlocked door of his ex-girlfriend’s residence, found her with another man, got upset, went back outside, broke some windows, bent a door frame, and caused about $1,500 in damage before fleeing the scene. She still didn’t take him back.

Metro Police responded to the girlfriend’s apartment just after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, to a domestic disturbance report. The victim advised her door was unlocked at the time, and she and James Sadler had been broken up for approximately one week. She was with another man inside the apartment when Sadler entered the residence, found them together, and became upset. Sadler reportedly “stormed out of the apartment in anger” and wend to the rear of the residence to throw things at the windows.

James Sadler (MNPD)
James Sadler (MNPD)

According to a police report, Sadler was able to break a window, then returned to the front of the residence and continued to throw things at windows and beat on the door with a piece of metal, causing extensive damage to the door frame, and breaking out both front windows. In total, the damage was estimated at approximately $1,500.00.

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Sadler fled the scene as police arrived according to a witness. While police were still on scene, Sadler returned and was taken into custody, at which time he admitted to breaking some of the windows, but not all. He remains jailed on a $5,000 bond, charged with felony vandalism with a domestic violence attachment.

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