Realtor publishes photo of him engaged in sex act in listing for Nashville home

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Benchmark Realty Realtor Miguel Calvo gave home seekers more than they were looking for when he uploaded an unexpected photo to the gallery of a new listing of a Priest Lake Park home.

Late Tuesday, a Realtor Miguel Calvo with Benchmark Realty uploaded more than expected to a new home listing he published online. The listing for the $399K Priest Lake Park home on Saxon Mist Drive included 31 photos of the home, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the pool, and of the realtor engaged in a sex act. When reached via phone late Wednesday, Calvo confirmed the photo was him, and that he uploaded it, but would not say if it was on purpose or accident, and threatened a lawsuit if we published the story.

The photo (above) depicts Miguel Calvo standing beside a bed, with what appears to be a much younger woman on her knees on the bed, with her genitals exposed from the rear to a mirror which the camera is pointed at. She appears to be performing fellatio on Calvo, with her pink flip flops on the floor near the bed. The image had propagated to hundreds of other realtor and property listing sites before it was removed. Calvo would not confirm who the female in the photo was, but did not deny certain assertions.

Benchmark Realty re-iterated that all agents are independent contractors working under the Benchmark name, and are not direct employees.

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