Tootsie’s Patron to Security: I’m a boxer, m– f–! #Punched #Arrested

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36-year-old Cole Dawson Yeager reportedly told Tootsie’s security “I’m a boxer, mother f—–!” before punching the security guard, after being escorted from the venue to the back alley.

Metro Nashville police responded to Tootsie’s at 422 Broadway in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after security notified them of an assault by a patrol that had been escorted from the building. Security reports that Cole Yeager, 36, was escorted to the back alley to exit the venue without any issue, then suddenly turned to security guard Seamon E Jones, III, stated “I’m a boxer, motherfucker!”, landing a punch on Jones’ face near his left eye with his right fist.

Cole Dawson Yeager (MNPD)
Cole Dawson Yeager (MNPD)

Jones was able to subdue Yeager and get him into custody, to await the arrival of MNPD. Jones wished to prosecute, and Metro Police booked Cole Dawson Yeager on charges of public intoxication and assault. Yeager, of Carson City, NV, is free on a $2,600 cash bond.

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