Mother says it was discipline, Police say it was an assault

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35-year-old Archangalena Tassy was charged with domestic assault after she bruised her own knuckles “disciplining” her son, according to Metro Police.

On Christmas Eve, police were dispatched to Plus Park Boulevard, for a report of simple assault by Archangalena Tassy on the victim, her son, which was witnessed by the prosecutor Officer Andrew Brazee. Officer Brazee stated that when Tassy came to pick up her son and daughter, the defendant grabbed the victim by the hair and swung her left hand to hit him in the head and shoulder area multiple times.

Archangalena Tassy (MNPD)
Archangalena Tassy (MNPD)

This caused bruising to Tassy’s left index knuckle. The victim stated that he had his head down and only tried to push away from Tassy. Tassy stated that she was disciplining her son, but according to Officer Brazee it was more than a reasonable person would be lead to believe was discipline.

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Archangalena Tassy has been charged with domestic assault and is free on a $1000.00 cash bond.

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nashville, TN 37217
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