Two Nashville Men Steal Car at Gun Point & Kidnap 3-Month-Old Child, per report

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Devanta Nixon, 23, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated burglary with a weapon along with especially aggravated kidnapping after police say they stole a vehicle with a 3-month-old child in the backseat.

According to a police report, the victims were sitting in their car near 630 S 7th Street when a maroon vehicle pulled up and blocked them in. Devanta Nixon exited the vehicle with a gun in his hand and held the victims at gunpoint. Another individual got out of the vehicle with Nixon and ordered the victims out of their vehicle. The victim stated that he told Nixon that their child was in the backseat. Nixon said he did not care about the child and the second defendant got into the vehicle and drove away as Nixon followed behind in the maroon vehicle.

Devanta Nixon (MNPD)
Devanta Nixon (MNPD)

The victim stated that someone called 911 and officers responded to the scene. One of the defendants placed the 3-month-old child on the porch at 618 S 6th Street and a resident called in about the child. The stolen vehicle was located in the area and had been left running. The MDHA cameras captured the incident on video and the victim knew the facebook name of the second defendant. Law enforcement was able to find Nixon on the second defendant’s social media, obtained his full name, and placed him into a lineup. The victims positively identified Nixon as one of the individuals that robbed them and stole their vehicle. The second defendant is still at large.

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Devanta Nixon was arrested on December 13th on the outstanding warrant, and is currently jailed in lieu of a $250,000.00 bond and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery as well as especially aggravated kidnapping of a victim under the age of 13.

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