DUI: Police say man blew through 2 red lights in front of them

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25-year-old Nolan King is charged with DUI after police say he “blew through two red lights” in front of them after leaving an East Nashville bar.

On January 19th, officers were on patrol when they witnessed a blue Mazda “blow through two flashing red lights.” Officers pursued the vehicle in question and when they caught up to it the vehicle made a sudden lane change and slammed on its brakes before the traffic stop was initiated at the intersection of Eastland Avenue and Gallatin Avenue. Officers then made contact with Nolan King, who was the driver of the vehicle.

Nolan King (MNPD)
Nolan King (MNPD)

According to an affidavit, Nolan smelled heavily of alcohol, was slurring his speech, and was slow to answer questions. Nolan told officers he had just left a bar after consuming two mixed drinks. When asked to perform a standard field sobriety test Nolan complied. Police report a large number of indicators that led them to believe that he was in fact intoxicated. Nolan was placed in custody and Mirandized then read Tennessee’s Implied Consent Law. He then consented to a breath test and blew a .135, well over the legal limit. Nolan was then transported to booking and charged with DUI, and freed on pre-trial release.

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