One arrested after Nashville couple invites random couple home after drinking downtown

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40-year-old Arron Machelle Denton was charged with domestic assault after she and her partner were invited to stay the night at a random couple’s house they met at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Downtown Nashville. Once at the host’s residence, Denton drank more, and became “extremely intoxicated, violent”, and was hysterical, according to Metro Police.

On January 1st at 5:30 a.m., Meto Nashville Police officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance on Newington Cove in Antioch. Officers arrived and spoke with one of the witnesses of the incident. The witness stated that she and her husband were downtown drinking and that they did not know the other couple prior to this evening, but they were all getting along quite well. They heard that the couple, Arron Machelle Denton (defendant) and Jason Moulton (victim), had a long drive ahead of them after drinking downtown and offered for them to come over and sleep before traveling. The witness stated that they all went to their house on Newington Cove and had a few more drinks. They stated that Jason went to bed and she and Arron stayed awake for a while. The witness went on to say that Arron went upstairs and went to the room that Jason was in and both witnesses then heard Arron yelling, screaming, and calling Jason names.

Arron Denton (MNPD)
Arron Denton (MNPD)

Both witnesses said that they heard slapping noises and went upstairs and saw Jason still in bed holding Arron around her arms and torso as to keep her from hitting him further. The witnesses said that Jason let Arron go and she then immediately began attacking him again, slapping punching and scratching Jason. The witness stated she ran over and grabbed Arron to pull her off in defense of Jason. The witness alleges that Arron then said, “I’ll kill you,” and attacked her, slapping and punching her in the head.

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The witness stated that she defended herself and punched her back and the fight ended which was when she called the police. Jason had a black eye, his shirt was torn at the sleeve, and he had a scratch on his left forearm and blood on his right arm. Officers attempted to speak with Arron in regard to the incident but she was extremely intoxicated, violent, and uncooperative. She was hysterical and spoke incoherently. Based on two unbiased witness statements, victim injuries that were consistent with their statements, and Arron’s demeanor, officers found probable cause to prosecute on Jason’s behalf.

Arron Denton was charged with domestic assault and is currently jailed in lieu of a $2500.00 bond, several days after the incident.

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