Man charged with DUI after speeding past cop

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21-year-old Jose Bonilla was charged with DUI and no driver’s license after he was pulled over for speeding past a police officer on Nolensville Pike.

On March 8th, Officer Adak was traveling on Nolensville Road driving at the posted 45 mph speed limit when the defendant, later identified as Jose Bonilla, was seen approaching him in his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Jose passed the officer in the left turn lane at the intersection of Welch Road and Nolensville Pike. Officer Adak then initiated a traffic stop on Jose, who pulled into a Taco Bell on Nolensville Pike. Officer Bennett arrived on the scene to assist Officer Adak and then made contact with Jose. Officers noted that Jose smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet, and had bloodshot watery eyes.

Jose Bonilla (MNPD)
Jose Bonilla (MNPD)

Jose admitted to having one beer earlier that night. Jose consented to perform a standard field sobriety test upon officers’ request. During the test, Jose exhibited signs of impairment through all aspects and was asked to stop performing the tasks for his own safety. Jose did not have a valid driver’s license and handed officers an unknown ID card that contained his picture. Officer Pena arrived on scene and proceeded to read Jose Tennessee’s Implied Consent Law in Spanish. Jose then consented to a blood draw and was transported to General Hospital. Afterward, he was transported to booking.

Jose Bonilla was arrested and charged with DUI and No Driver’s License. His bond was set at $3,500.

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