Man charged for choking girlfriend and grabbing nurse’s breast

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23-year-old Emmanuel Castillo-Rodriguez was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and assault of a healthcare provider after he put his girlfriend in a chokehold from behind while he was drunk and assaulted a nurse attempting to help restrain him at the hospital, per the affidavit.

On March 6th, police responded to a domestic disturbance where they made contact with Jennifer Vasquez, , who stated that she and her boyfriend Emmanuel Castillo-Rodriguez were involved in an argument earlier in the day. After work, Jennifer went to gather her belongings to stay with her mother but Emmanuel was drunk and belligerent and would not allow her to do so. Jennifer went on to say that Emmanuel placed her in a chokehold from behind and that made it difficult for her to breathe. Jennifer was able to escape Emmanuel’s clutches and headed to the office to call her friend. She then returned to the apartment in an attempt to gather her belongings but she had to push Emmanuel away from her because he refused to let her move around the apartment freely. Jennifer went back to the office to contact the police. Police noted that Jennifer did have swelling along the left side of her jaw and a red mark underneath her jaw on the left side. Emmanuel also had multiple injuries including a bite mark on his left arm along with scratches on his chest and the back of his neck. Police determined these injuries to be defensive injuries resulting from the attack Emmanuel had initiated, per the affidavit.

Emmanuel Castillo-Rodriguez (MNPD)

Emmanuel was transported to the General Hospital where officers were sitting with him in order to keep him detained. Emmanuel was restrained to the bed because of his violent behavior and outbursts. After Emmanuel had received treatment for low blood sugar and a cut to his hand, medical staff wished to prolong his discharge until his blood alcohol level was reduced. Emmanuel then began attempting to escape his restraints during an outburst. Officers and medical personnel attempted to hold him down and Emmanuel grabbed one of the nurses’ breasts. She stated that Emmanuel grabbed tightly and pulled hard on her breast which was unwarranted and provocative in nature. Emmanuel committed the assault in front of officers and was later transported to booking.

Emmanuel Castillo-Rodriguez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and assault of a healthcare provider. His bond was set at $9,000.

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