Man shoves and drags girlfriend down the hall while yelling at her in front of kids, per report

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28-year-old Dartez Lott was charged with domestic assault after he shoved his girlfriend into the wall and dragged her into the kitchen after getting into an argument about him not being “around the house enough”, per the affidavit.

On March 30th, police responded to a domestic incident on Elizabeths Court. When police arrived they made contact with Latonya White, who was visibly upset as noted by officers. Latonya stated that she and her boyfriend Dartez Lott were involved in a heated argument because he is “never around the house enough.” According to Latonya, Dartez began screaming at her, then pushed her into the wall and dragged her down the hallway by her arm, “so he could yell at her some more.”

Dartez Lotts (MNPD)
Dartez Lotts (MNPD)

Officers could not see any visible marks on the victim but noted that she was “obviously upset.” Police then questioned two of their children that witnessed the events transpire. The children stated they saw Dartez push their mother against the wall and drag her by her arm down the hallway. They also said they were afraid their mother was going to get hurt.

On April 1st, Dartez Lott was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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