Nashville man beats brother unconscious, gets upset with mother for “taking sides”, per report

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19-year-old Travon Chandler was charged with aggravated assault when his mother asks police for assistance and officers find him with bloody knuckles and acting belligerently after he beat his brother unconscious.

On April 2nd, officers were approached on Whites Creek Pike during a traffic block by a woman saying she needed assistance getting her one son off her other son. Officers advised her they would be there as soon as the road was open. Upon completion of the traffic block, officers went to the address given and stopped at Apartment N32. Upon arrival, officers observed a male without a shirt yelling and acting hysterically towards his mother Yolanda.

Travon Chandler (MNPD)

Officers approached him and observed blood on his knuckles. When they inquired as to what happened, Travon Chandler told them he had just finished in a fight with his brother and was upset with his mother for taking sides. At this point, Yolanda called her other son that was involved, Kajuanis Chandler. Kajuanis told officers that during the fight, Travon was continuously punching him in the back of the head and it caused him to temporarily black out.

When he regained consciousness, Travon was still punching him so he continued to fight back. Kajuanis then told officers he was on the way to the hospital due to a gash above his right eye and he did not wish to speak with officers anymore, and then hung up. Officers reported that due to Yolanda witnessing the fight, Kajuanis telling them what happened during the fight, and Travon admitting to the fight, he would be placed into custody.

Travon Chandler was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $2,500.

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