SCOOP FOLLOW UP: “It would be dumb for her to press charges… she will never win” as told by Real World’s Clint Wright

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After my original report on the assaults between Spaghetti Heiress Annaleah Figaretti and Real World’s Clint Wright, I contacted both parties involved in an attempt to better understand the situation. Clint reached out to me and these are his recollections of the events that transpired that night.

He began by asking me what Annaleah Figaretti told me after I told him that I spoke to her. I asked him to give his accounts and I would let him know whatever discrepancies there might be in the story she told me whenever he finished. As he was explaining to me that he only had sex with her once six months ago and that she was crazy, he said that he and the girls, as well as his friend, never heard anyone say that Annaleah was ugly.

Also, he stated that he was entertaining her a bit around the three girls, who he said was hot just to show equal attention because he is a “player.” She started a fight with one of the girls that he was with which he said that there is camera footage of the event where he did not touch Annaleah, he just stepped between the two of them to stop the fight. The original police report noticed damage to her right side which he said that she got from fighting one of the girls. Later on, he told me that she broke into his apartment and threw the girls’ stuff out of the room and all over the ground.

Not wanting to make it a bigger deal than what it was, he said he decided to not call the police until she came over with a gun and demanded that they leave. She was operating under the concept that she had said so at the apartment since her name was on the lease, but he said that he didn’t know that and he was the one paying for it. Finally, he called the cops after the incident with the pistol because he feared the safety of not only him but his friends.

“I am an innocent and I would never hit a woman” is what he told me that he wanted to be published. Assuring me that it would be a swift decision since he did nothing wrong, he said, “it would be really dumb for her to press charges because she will never win”.

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