Man harms others while threatening to take his own life

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19-year-old Dakota Rapien was charged with two counts of domestic assault after threatening to kill himself by holding a knife to his leg at the Congress Inn in North Nashville.

On May 21st, officers were dispatched to the Congress Inn located at 2914 Dickerson Pike. Upon arrival, the defendant in question, who was later identified as Dakota Rapien, had left the scene of the crime. Law enforcement met with Nicholas Bowder, Matthew Harris, and Rapien’s cousin Ashley Harris after arriving. Matthew Harris claims that after exiting the bathroom from a shower, Rapien was holding Harris’ knife to his own leg, saying “I’m going to kill myself.”

Dakota Rapien (MNPD)
Dakota Rapien (MNPD)

Harris attempted to disarm Rapien of the knife so that no one would be harmed. According to the affidavit, while Harris was in attempts of stopping Rapien, he was kicked in the chest and scratched by the defendant. Bowder explained that he too attempted to stop Rapien from harm to himself or others, to which Rapien responded by scratching him as well.

Rapien’s cousin, Ashley Harris, was questioned about the incident, to which she explained that Rapien made “smart comments” to her husband, Matthew Harris. Following the snide remarks, Harris began to be assaulted by Rapien. Mrs. Harris observed Rapien specifically kick and scratch her husband on his arms. As Rapien’s cousin began to call the police, he proceeded to flee the scene. Scratch marks were visible on the arm of Bowder and the right bicep of Harris. Both parties were willing to press charges for the assault.

On May 28th, Dakota Rapien was arrested and charged for two counts of domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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