Bloody man tells ex-girlfriend “I’mma gut you” as she tries to help him

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52-year-old Richard Williams was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house and threatened her for wanting to help clean up the blood that was on him then shattered her bathroom mirror with his fist.

On July 13th, the victim of a domestic assault, Shelanda Fletcher, spoke to police when they arrived at 1401 Jackson Street. She told the police that the defendant, Richard Williams, is her ex-boyfriend.

Richard Williams (MNPD)
Richard Williams (MNPD)

Her statement started with her sitting on her porch and hearing Williams being loud and obnoxious with another person across the street. Williams then came to Fletcher’s apartment, she reported that he was bleeding profusely. When she grabbed a rag to help him clean off the blood he refused the help and began threatening her by saying, “I’m a gut you.”

After he threatened her he went into her bathroom and hit her mirror with his fist, shattering it. She stated that she witnessed him shattering it because she was standing in the doorway to the bathroom the whole time. By the time he had hit the mirror, she said that she called the police and awaited their arrival.

Richard Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. His bond was set at $3,000.

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