Woman’s attitude takes control and she pops off on everyone at Brookmeade Greenway

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32-year-old Jennifer Mcfarlin was arrested for disorderly conduct when she began screaming at people on the Brookmeade Greenway.

Jennifer Mcfarlin was on the Brookmeade Greenway when she began yelling and swearing at other people at the Greenway.

Jennifer Mcfarlin (MNPD)
Jennifer Mcfarlin (MNPD)

Police happened to be at the Greenway at the time and overheard Mcfarlin yelling the profanities. They identified her as causing a disturbance in the public’s view and took her into custody.

Jennifer Mcfarlin was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

Mcfarlin, Jennifer3607867002 CHARLOTTE PIKE
Nashville, TN 37209
Disorderly Conduct

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