Young woman smashes ex-girlfriend’s car after arguing earlier that day

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19-year-old Phantajia Green was charged with vandalism after she was witnessed by several people stomping on the roof and windshield of her ex-girlfriend’s vehicle after they had an argument earlier that day.

On July 12th, Kayla Streeter contacted the authorities to report her ex-girlfriend, Phantajia Green, had vandalized her vehicle. When Metro Nashville Police officers arrived, they observed the damage done to Streeter’s windshield and hood on her Kia Optima. Streeter told officers that she and Green had an argument earlier which resulted in Green leaving. She stated her ex came back later in a black Sedan with her cousin, Armani.

Phantajia Green (MNPD)
Phantajia Green (MNPD)

According to the affidavit, Green asked for her phone and Streeter returned it by tossing it to her from the door, then proceeded to go back inside. She stated a few minutes later she heard Green screaming and looked outside to find her jumping on the roof of her Kia. She stated her ex then stomped on the windshield until it caved in. Streeter told officers that she grabbed a baseball bat to protect herself and tell Green to leave. Neighbors, Erica Epheriam and Jasmine Mathis corroborated Streeter’s story. Mathis showed video footage to police of Green yelling and fleeing the scene. The estimated damage to the vehicle was less than $1,000.

On November 13th, Phantajia Green was arrested and charged with vandalism. She was later released on a $2,000 bond.

Green, Phantajia5991586522 PREMIER DR
nashville, TN 37209
Vandalism $1,000 or less

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