Nashville woman catfishes ex-fiance to assault him 2nd time, after 1st assault with Xbox controller

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21-year-old Maggie Lambert faces two counts of domestic assault. Earlier this month, her ex-fiance says she assaulted him with an Xbox controller, and recently she is accused of showing up at a date he made with a fake profile and assaulting him again, while a friend recorded the catfishing.

On January 5th, Maggie Lambert overheard her ex-fiance Mena Bushra on the phone with their previous landlord talking about the security deposit. According to the report, when Mena mentioned that he would be receiving the deposit, Maggie became upset and reportedly started slapping and hitting him on the chest, before throwing an Xbox controller at him.

Maggie Lambert (MNPD)
Maggie Lambert (MNPD)

On January 16th, Mena went to Chili’s at Opry Mills to meet a woman he met online. While waiting in his vehicle, Maggie drove up next to him. Mena advised that Maggie “created a fake Facebook profile” to meet him at Chili’s at Opry Mills. Maggie got out of her silver Mazda 6 and started yelling at him. Mena had his window down and Maggie reached inside his car and started slapping him, while her friend recorded it. Maggie and her friend then got back into her car and fled the scene.

On January 28th, Maggie Lambert was charged with two counts of domestic assault and booked into the Metro jail. She was released on a $2,000 bond.

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