‘Chief True’ (Callen Williams) is not faring well in a Nashville Jail #JailReports #PhoneRecords

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Two weeks ago, Callen Williams (Chief2Blunts/Chief True) was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after pointing a federally outlawed firearm at Metro Police Officers while high on Xanax. Now inside the jail, inmates in multiple pods have refused to allow him to be housed with them, he’s verbally assaulted multiple staff, and in the 14 days since he was booked, he’s spent over 45 hours on the phone – we’ve got a list of who he’s been calling, and all of the incident reports.

During the initial booking of Callen Augustus Williams on January 26th, better known as ‘Chief True’ or ‘Chief2Blunts’ he was disruptive and had to be placed in a ‘non-compliance cell until he could properly be processed. After eventually moving past booking and into a pod, jail reports indicate he didn’t initially ask to make any calls, but went directly into his cell and fell asleep. After waking up later, Officer Deborah Williams reports he was crying, screaming, hitting, and kicking the door as he asked to come out to use the phone, however, recreation time had already passed before he came to the pod, so he was told he could wait for the next recreation time to come out to use the phone, or she could provide him with a table to make calls from within his cell. She notes he was too upset to understand about the tablets and starting yelling “You stupid bitch, you don’t understand, I haven’t received my call. I need to call my lawyer. You fat fucking bitch, you broke ass bitch, you ugly fucking bitch, you fuck the inmates, bitch”.

Officer Williams requested that Williams be removed from the pod due to his behavior, so he was placed in a nearby holding cell. While there, officers say Williams became disruptive by screaming and acting irrationally, stating “I am going to kill myself” and attempting to smash his head against the wall. Mental health staff determined Williams to be a “level two” status, where he was to be taken to 3rd-floor medial housing where he would be housed in a ‘safe room’. Protocol for “level two” status dictates an inmate must remove all clothing.

When told to remove his clothes, ‘Chief True’ yelled and screamed “Fuck you I am not doing that”. He continued to scream at officers, calling one a ‘nig—‘, another a ‘fuck boy’, and yet another ‘pussy ass police. Staff note there were “many other” terms used during his outburst. He then reportedly turned toward Officer James LeMaster (who has already been a defendant in at least one civil rights lawsuit against the Nashville Sheriff’s Office). LeMaster claims he was afraid Williams might spit on him, so he “secured him against the wall”, while he continued to scream – LeMaster then “placed him on the ground”. Corporal Brian Burton stepped in to handle Williams, and James LeMaster “removed himself from the situation”.

After Williams was on the floor, Sgt. Thompson directed 4 other officers on placing him in a restraint chair. He was wheeled into ‘dry cell 2’, where he remained for a total of two hours in a restraint chair, from the end of one shift, into another one

Inmate Callen Williams was charged with 3 violations: disrespect, disruptive behavior, and refusal of a direct order. Investigator Jonathan Joyner was assigned to the case. He approached inmate Williams, informed him of his charges while he was strapped into the restraint chair, and asked if he had any statements or witnesses. Williams said, “I didn’t disrespect nobody! Can you get me out of this chair?”. The investigator closed the case, writing that Williams called no witnesses.

Later that evening, Williams was given the opportunity to comply with being removed from the restraint chair and being placed in the ‘safe room’. An incident report states inmate Williams agreed to comply and told officers “I’ll do anything please, just let me out of the chair”. He was removed from the restraint chair, stripped of his clothing, and placed in the safe room, and cleared by medical staff.

Late Friday night on February 5th, while Callen Williams was out of his cell for his indoor recreation time, he informed an officer that he had been wearing the same ‘whites’ (t-shirt and boxers) for 10 days as he had been stuck in a classification pod where laundry wasn’t exchanged. Officer Morales wrote in an incident report that “his clothes are starting to have a foul smell to them” and requested Williams be issued a new set of whites. The report was later updated to reflect a medium t-shirt and pair of boxers was issued to Chief2Blunts.

On Saturday, February 6th, Correctional Officer Aaron Taylor was escorting Callen Williams from the classification section to his new housing assignment of B1. As Taylor brought ‘Chief True’ in front of the housing units in that area of the jail, inmates from units A1, A2, B1, and B2 immediately rushed to the windows near the access passageway and crowed the front of the dayroom glass. The officer reports all inmates in the pods were “irate of the potential chance that he [Williams] could be assigned to their bay/cell and screamed threats and made gang-related comments to ‘Chief True’ and one of the officers assigned to the pod.

For the safety of 20-year-old inmate Callen Williams, he was then placed in a holding cell. A classification note now recommends Williams may not be safe to house with the general population.

In his 19 days of incarceration to date, Callen Williams aka ‘Chief True’ has made 259 phone calls – an average of just under 14 per day. In 14 days, Williams has spent over 45 hours on the phone.

Below is a summary of the number of phone calls he’s made as an inmate and to which number was called. The most recent CashApp registered name and ID associated with the number is also provided above it.

Callen Williams remains jailed in lieu of a 107,000 bond and a federal hold for an ATF warrant for the gun he pointed at Metro Police. His next court appearance set for later this month, but will likely be postponed due to current COVID-related courtroom closures.

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